A drawer made ​​with pallets


Karin has shared with us via our Facebook page this so interesting drawer, useful to place in our bedroom, a study room, or why not the garage of our house, it can help us to have organized a little better our room.

To build it you have to literally cut into pieces a wooden pallet, to obtain four pieces which stacked will form the cabinet from the picture. After some ad-ons it will have a better look. The corners were covered with long planks, and over it also several planks have been placed in order to use it also as a table.

A drawer made ​​with pallets

Finally the drawers have been added. In order to make it more simple, the drawers are made of carton and plastic boxes besides of wood. You only have to place them into the gaps that are between the pallets, and then fill them with objects to start using the cabinet as a drawer.

Thanks Karin for sharing with us your pallet drawer!

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