Where to get pallets



While some of us have recieved pallets from a construction work, or we have been lucky because we have had an order where pallets have been able to clean and make profit of them, search and find pallets is not always easy for everyone.

The best option is to ask the manager of a store where they have big stocks, or a big commerce like a supermarket to see if they have pallets to throw away. It’s not foolproof, of course, some of them have contracts with pallets companies which they give pallets to them, and then later they return the pallets again. It also can happen that you have a friend who has a company where the purchases come with palletized materials, you may ask him and you will be surprised, because sometimes they don’t know what to do with the pallets. One thing I recommend: Do not thieve the pallets from another busines, ask first… don’t worry, with emphasis at the end you will find these pallets that you need.

Some people argue that the pallets should not be used at all, as they are exposed to insects, rodents, weather, bacteria, etc.. There is a good reason behind this argument. In 2009, a batch of Tylenol was recalled from de market, due to a bad smell that came from a chemical product, which was applied to some pallets that were used for medication shipping [source: Kavilanz]. But here’s the catch: Bacteria is everywhere. Be wise with the pallets that you use, clean and inspect them. If you are in doubt because of the damage they potentially can cause, the best way to avoid this potential damage is not doing interior design projects, and apply only the pallets to outdoor projects.

Just a warning: When you are working with recycled pallets, remember that they were designed to keep goods, not to hug people!. Always keep in mind that they may contain splinters, protruding nails and rough edges. A good sanding and smoothing can avoid so much damage! and a good cleaning with a pressure washer (like a Karcher) is essential.